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Be inspired by Caine's Arcade

9-year-old Caine Monroy spent his summer vacation building an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad’s used auto parts store. The entire summer went by, and he never had a single customer. But Caine didn’t give up. Then, on the last day of summer, filmmaker Nirvan Mullick walked in by chance to buy an auto part for his car. Caine asked Nirvan to play, and, well, watch Caine’s Arcade and Caine’s Arcade 2 to see what happened next…


Watch the Video




Inspire your kids to make their own cardboard creations.


The Future of Ray Tracing

Ray tracing is a rendering technique that can produce incredibly realistic lighting effects. Essentially, an algorithm can trace the path of light, and then simulate the way that the light interacts with the virtual objects it ultimately hits in the computer-generated world.


9 Awesome Science Tricks Using Static Electricity!

Watch the Video and plan some of your own.

How Static Electricity Works - Stuff to Blow Your Kids' Mind #3



4 Awesome STEM Project Ideas

Try the Hoop Flier

An alternative to the traditional paper plane, a hoop flier uses rings as wings instead. This simple project allows students to create a prototype, test it out and continue to make changes until their miniature flier soars successfully.


How to Do the Paper Book Tower Experiment A great STEM Challenge



SciShow Kids




Research types of bridges. Then build a bridge.


A Brief History of the Internet


General Science Sites


ASAP Science

Great Science Video Site check out Can We Genetically Improve Intelligence?

Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana


Vsauce Our World is Amazing Great Science Video Site check out What's The Most Dangerous Place on Earth?



 P   E   R   I   O   D   I   C      V   I   D   E   O   S

A lesson about every single element on the periodic table

Created by the Periodic Videos team using the TED-Ed platform. A new interactive periodic table - FABULOUS - It's sooo addictive. View the videos, these are backed up by full TEED lessons. With questions, extra links and a spot to add your comments.



Great Video on the Water Cycle. Great explanations of all the stages. Take a look at the other amazing videos on CoCoRaHS HQ





Frog Dissection

Online realtime interactive FROG Dissection WOW!


Fantastic Video on Frog Dissection

Anatomy of a grass frog, part 1. External anatomy and a quick look at the skin (Part 2 shows remaining internal anatomy). Phylum Chordata, Class Amphibia.

The MacOrganism's 2 Channel has a lot more anatomy Videos including:-

Shark Anatomy, Rat Anatomy, Bony Fish, Fetal Pig, Grasshopper , Crayfish, Earthworm, Sea Star, Bivalve, Squid and Round




If you are into really amazing pictures of anatomy, these are the sites for you. These images are not to be viewed while eating lunch.

The  Inner Body Explorer

Human anatomy online contains diagrams and good descriptive text.


All about Eyes


The Human Eye - Fabulous interactive

The eye is the organ which regulates the sense of sight, allowing us to interpret the shapes, colours and dimensions of our surroundings by processing the light they reflect or emit. This guide will take you through each step of the visual process, defining the role of the various parts and their link to each other.


Can You Trust Your Eyes? Great Video from ASAP Science


Pupil Dilation is increased in the dark, more light smaller pupils


Cow's Eye Dissection


Interactive Human Eye



Fantastic Video of live honey bees

See the waggle dance, one of the 7 wonder of the of the Animal behaviour world.



Fabulous site by the Melbourne Museum

Life as a Bug

How do bugs see, taste, smell, touch or hear? How do bugs get around? How do they find their mates and reproduce? Explore the amazing life cycles of bugs and the ways they interact with the world around them.


Great Teacher downloadable pdfs for K-12 with worksheets and lots more. Great site.




Fabulous MIINIBEASTS Video

With some of the best bug images I have seen. Great to start a Unit on Minibeasts



MiniBeast Website some fabulous images and ideas. These are the guys that made the Video and if you live in Melbourne you can arrange for them to visit your school.


Scary Spider that eats bugs



see also Astrophysics a sub-branch of astronomy


NASA Solar System

Nasa Solar System Exploration

Great site with Planet, Missions, Amazing Images, Your weight in Space( I think I'll go to Mars)

Games and more.


View the Earth from Space

Earth and Moon Viewer

View either a map of the Earth showing the day and night regions at this moment, or view the Earth from the Sun, the Moon, the night side of the Earth, above any location on the planet specified by latitude, longitude and altitude, from a satellite in Earth orbit, or above various cities around the globe.

Here is my favourite page on this site.

Night and Day Around the World - I love this


The Biggest Stars in the Universe

A Truly inspiring Video on the size of the universe. Astronomy has some amazing videos.

Watch the Video on YouTube




Build a Rocket Balloon - VT Rocket Page


Science Bob

"Science Bob" Bob Pflugfelder has been a fan of science since he was just six years old. Over the years, he has been exploring the scientific world with thousands of students. He also encourages parents and teachers to practice "Random Acts of Science" by providing instructions and videos for interactive science experiments on his web site, as well as public presentations and workshops that help make science come alive.

Build a Balloon rocket

Build a rocket car


Cola fountains: a nucleation spectacular

What happens when you drop Mentos candy into a bottle of cola? Surface area, candy glaze, carbon dioxide, and a small amount of time all make a difference.



Refraction Explanation and Experiment Bend a Straw with Your Eyes

Arrow Changes Directions Another Explanation


Shadow Experiment for Stage 1


Simple Machines

Here are some great sites to explain simple machines.



Bill Nye the Science Guy - Simple Machines

Domino Chain Reaction

A domino can knock over another domino about 1.5x larger than itself. A chain of dominoes of increasing size makes a kind of mechanical chain reaction that starts with a tiny push and knocks down an impressively large domino.


Six Rube Goldberg Machines

Massive Rube Goldberg This video shows a massive chain of dominoes (Rube Goldberg) where different clips are put together to make it seem like one big domino chain!

TV Commercial Honda Rube Goldberg

Lego Rube Goldberg Machine

Audri's Rube Goldberg Monster Trap



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