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Australia You're Standing In It




The National Film and Sound Archive have a great series of films of Australia in the mid 1960s.  The films cover each capital city. They are great to use in conjunction with history units based on past and present studies.  The NFSA has a number of online films, a great resource.


Made by The Commonwealth Film Unit 1966.  Directed by Joe Scully. Episode 12 shows an idyllic picture of life in the New South Wales capital of Sydney in the mid 1960s.  This series was made to encourage immigration to Australia and to highlight the various social activities, employment and educational opportunities and lifestyles of the various cities and regional centres throughout Australia.


Watch Tourism Australia's New 360-Degree VR Videos

Watch them here. Includes Canberra, great Barrier Reef Sydney and Tasmania.



Afferbeck Lauder

Essential reading for air fridge Strines




Australian Wheat Harvest

Ready for the Big Harvest 2017-18

If you like big machines take a look at the this:-



or this


2015 harvest using a Phantom 3 Pro drone for the airborne footage and a  Xiaomi YI camera for the on machinery footage of our farms near Moonta & Kadina, South Australia.



Australian History


Trove Pictures of Australia

Take a look at the Picture Australia site. This site will not be officially launched for a while yet. I provides a single point of access to over 450,000 digitized images from pictorial collections of many leading cultural heritage institutions. It's a fantastic resource.



The Ned Kelly Gang

Would you like to learn what errors there are in the information you may have read about the Kelly gang?


Not Just Ned From the National Museum of Australia. Contains some great teaching resources as downloadable pdfs with images. Also includes a Biography of Dictionary of Bush Rangers.  Well presented and easily navigated.


Australian Explorers

Project Gutenberg - Australia This site is very comprehensive with many links and covers, a lot of primary source material for download. eBooks and excerpts - quite delightful. It is fantastic to have access to all this primary source material.



Port Arthur Convict Site. Has some Well thought out teaching resources.


Convict Records an interesting resource where you can research your convict past. Read colourful stories about convicts. There are a lot of lInks. Smith, Brown, William, Jones and Johnson are the 5 most common convict surnames


Convict Trials Once you have a convicts name you can search the proceedings of the Old Bailey in London, for a court trial transcript. You can also access convicts in alphabetical order. Please be selective here some reference to rape etc.


Write your own Play - Watch the BTN report for on the First Fleet. Select some convicts to research a good one is:- John Hudson


Claytons Convicts Fill in this dialogue box and makeup your own convict history.


First Fleet

First Fleet Fellowship Lists ships and convicts who were on board each ship, includes images and stories.


DRAW a first Fleet ship step by step guide.

or A more sophisticated version of a First Fleet Ship
Label the ships and add the list of at least 3 of the convicts transported on each one. Provide details each ship and the number of convicts on board.



Welcome to the unwonderful world of kids, crims, and other convict capers. Australia's convict history is so chocked with floggings, death, cannibalism, and very smelly feet and underpants that it's a wonder you ever wanted to read about anything else!


Mary Bryant

Great series of videos about Mary Bryant a 17 year old convict - YouTube Video. Original Rating "M" Suitable for Senior Secondary only.



Gold Rushes in Australia Life on the diggings, the Eureka stockade, lot of primary source material as well as descriptions. Covers descriptions of Arts and entertainment, mining methods and sport on the gold fields.



Australian War Memorial Brilliant resource lots of images. Looks at War through our history.



Federation Fast Facts - Background information, arguments in favour/against, the issue of trade, timeline, & federation resources.


Federation BTN (4mins) includes transcript



Early Australian  Explorers - How would you like to be part of an expedition similar to that of our famous explorers? This is an older webquest and is a .doc file. Ideas are great - presentations is poor. However it is a great starting point


Explorers in Australia - ABC Education

Explorers in Australia? Find out all about Australian explorers, videos, digibooks and audio.


About Australia



Floral Emblems of Australia

There meaning site includes images. Also links to sites about the Government.


Brief Summary About Australia

CIA fact book page about Australia. Includes map, flag and statistics.


All about Australian

Australian Government site Lots of information. Australian Stories, our government, indigenous culture etc. Facts are comprehensive but site is a little boring.


My Place

My Place On this website you will find rich educational material to support primary and lower-secondary teachers using the My Place TV series in the classroom. Explore background information, aligned with the My Place stories, on events and people significant to Australia's history. Download clips and stills from the TV series, as well as teaching activities and student activity sheets that relate to current themes.



Prime Ministers of Australia National Museum of Australia Site - Comprehensive list of Australian Prime Ministers, includes images and biographies. Also some artifacts relating to the Prime Ministers.


Parliamentary Education Office

Information, virtual tours, kid's section, links etc. on Australia's Federal Parliament.


Australian Parliamentary site includes The House of Representatives, The Senate, Hansard's transcripts, details of members, Educational materials, and the Australian Constitution which can be downloaded as a pdf



Famous Australians


Sir Donald Bradman

Don Bradman, dubbed ‘the boy from Bowral’, rose to acclaim during times of hardship, depression and recovery. He represented Australia for 20 years, playing 52 Tests from 1928/29-1948.


Famous Australians

Alphabetical listing with biography and image, and additional links in some cases.



Aboriginal Australia


Aboriginal Children's Games -  great website, select a game. Each game is described, a background is given and the indigenous name is given.


Showing Aboriginal Tribal Boundaries across Australia


Sharing our Stories ABC with Audio


Aboriginal Iconography

Interesting for K-1 as the symbols are great


Video of Aboriginal artist John Turnbull(fabulous for K-2)


Aboriginal Dream-time story of Waatji Pulyeri (the Blue Wren)

I love this one - great for discussion


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