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Things I do


I am available to present at conferences, schools and tertiary institutions.

Insight, Inspiration & Ideas That Work!


Cathy is also available to run hands-on professional learning workshops for smaller groups of teachers. She is also available for workshops activities for students K-12 in Sydney, Australia (or elsewhere by arrangement).


Here are a few examples of some of the things I have done or am working on. But I am up for anything.


Ignite the Education Revolution

How to Start

Model of how to start educational change

Plan of Attack

Smart Questions

Taming the Beast

Wise Gathering



Write, Photograph, Edit & Present


Lights Camera Action

Write a script - How do you do this?

Produce a Story board

Cast your Actors

Props, Costumes and Makeup

Select a Producer, Director(What are they?)

Camera Operator, DOP, Sound Recordist and Boom.

Edit your film

Upload to YouTube

Promote you video using social media and a website.


Microsoft Word

I Didn't Know you Could Do That?

Everyone has it. The basic platform for simple design and creativity. Writing, Formatting, Experimenting, Mapping, General playing around and fiddling about in Word.



I Didn't Know you could Do that with Excel Either?

Make all sorts of stunning graphs. Students are delighted with the immediate results. Updating graphs with new data can be easily accomplished. Using images and colours and experimenting with styles and options.



How well am I learning?

What are my strengths and weaknesses? What do I really know? How am I progressing? Am I learning enough? How do I evaluate my work?


Students need to find out the answers to these questions. They need to have confidence in their ability to evaluate their own work, take charge of their own learning to become empowered, motivated, successful learners.



World Wide Inspiration

Inspiration comes from many sources; one of the most valuable, abundant and accessible sources for classrooms today is the Internet. Here you will find links to great art, great writing, great thinkers, great ideas and fantastic opportunities for research into all imaginable topics. The great cultural trip to Europe, and England by most great Australian thinkers artists and writers can now be virtually duplicated at the click of a mouse in the classroom. Take advantage of this opportunity and let your students fly to the great museums and galleries of the world.


Maths Gossip

The Big Secret

People who are good at maths are interested in it, they care about it, and they want to do it. Mathematicians 'gossip', or chat about numbers, and this is how their interest in things mathematical develops, our students can begin to develop this interest in just the same way.


Creative Arts

The Secrets of Success

The web is the most splendid of resources for art imaginable.  It is possible to view full colour examples of almost any artwork you can think of.

An artist's work is in fact a great place to start an art lesson.  Discussing a painting will focus students' attention on specific techniques of art enhancing their own creations? What paintings should you choose??? What Videos? Which Artists??


Graphic Design

GREAT Design needs focus and clarity of purpose.

Every design element, every graphic, all copy, every color and every texture has been considered and is included only if it serves a purpose.

OrigInal images and enticing graphics are crucial to delivering a unique experience that is engaging and successful.



Great design starts with understanding, ask lots of questions like:

What is the type of  image do you want to project?

What are the goals of the design?

Who will be the audience?

What are the desired outcomes?

What is the final format? (Web, Print)


Is there a Doctor in the Mouse?

World Wide Web?

Is it the World's Biggest Encyclopaedia?

Is it full of USELESS junk?

There IS a Doctor in the mouse, as well as a teacher, a real-estate agent, a greengrocer and a supermarket, online games, statistics, rubbish, radio stations, TV stations, information on just about everything, all there at the click of a mouse. The Internet has revolutionised our world, it allows unprecedented communication and interaction, individuals can communicate directly with scientists, mathematicians, doctors, writers and Prime Ministers, they can access primary source materials, they can read silly nonsense or undisputed fact.

The Internet has revolutionised our world. How can it revolutionise our schools?


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