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Incredibox is a great little website with a little flash based application where you can mix and match different Effects, Beats, Melodies, Chorus and Voices to create unique music OR if you don’t find yourself all that creative there’s a shuffle mode! I


The application allows everyone to express their musicality through a fun and easy to use interface, and to record and share original compositions to friends!


In reward for "defeating" each level, you get to hear a new part of the song as an animated video plays. Here are some of the secrets to unlocking the bonus content!

To unlock the first bonus you must use seven different sounds.

To unlock the second bonus you must use ever sound at least once.

To unlock the last bonus you must find the “secret” combination of sounds. Are you stumped? Well, Surprise!, it’s just the first effect to each group in order.




The Incredible Polo, is an all-vocals, one-man band in the style of Bobby McFerrin, they struck upon an innovative approach to promote their new release: a web app that lets you remix its song by dragging and dropping melodies, effects, beats, voices and choruses onto a bunch of animated versions of the artist doing his thing.  This is INCREDIBOX


As a demonstration of "outside the box" thinking about how to promote a song, INCREDIBOX is amazing. And it's gone viral, which is, of course, the point of something like this.


Take a look at the  Bobby McFerrin Video - "Don't Worry Be Happy" One Direction is using to promote its tour.


Music Theory

An interactive website with music theory tutorials for students and teachers by Ricci Adams. Lesson topics include: staff, clef, and ledger lines; note duration; measure and time signatures; rest duration; dots and ties; simple and compound meter; odd meter; steps and accidentals and more.

 A chord calculator, staff paper generator, and matrix generator are available for online use.   Nicely done.


Ricci has also added some phone apps including Theory Lessons for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


Symphony Orchestra

San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

This is a fantastic site with all orchestral instruments depicted and explained. Wonderfully it includes sound files of all the instruments so that students can listen to them as well. It deals with harmony pitch, symbols, rhythm tempo etc, and allows students to fiddle online.


DSO Kids Great site for music, by instrument and also by composer, Also check out the building blocks of music


Phil Rooke's Websites

Captivate with Music

Lots of ideas and videos

Music Educational Resources -  click on the link to free resources - you need to sign the download form but this is just to track who is signing in - I try to make the quantity and quality of free instructional video, sheet music and backing tracks worthwhile.



Ja Da, Ja Da, Ja Da Ja Da, Jing Jing Jing

Here's a great song to begin improvisation. Just do the chorus, and use it to improvise.  Here's a word document for the lyrics to the Eydie Gorme Version.


"Ja-Da" was a hit song written in 1918 by Bob Carleton. The title is sometimes rendered as "Jada." Ja-Da has flourished through the decades as a jazz standard.

Carleton penned the 16-bar tune when he was club pianist in Illinois and first popularized it with singer Cliff Edwards.


JA-DA - 3 songs - Eydie Gorme + Fireballs


Ja-Da(Count Basie/Carleton Bob) - YCB Jazz Orchestra 2010.09.11(just instrumental flute solo)


"Jada" - Chicago Salty Dogs Jazz Band, Tuba, Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet, Drums, Piano.
Dixie land


Steam Boat Version(just play up to the vocals)


Ja Da, Ja Da, Jing Jing Jing by Bob Carleton 1918 Player Piano Roll Honkey Tonk Version


Woody Allen sings Ja-Da Ja-Da Jing Jing Jing at Café Carlyle


Ukulele video tutorial by UKULELE MIKE LYNCH


Ja-Da - Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra Washboard, Banjo, Trumpet, Trombone,Clarinet + Vocals


And What is JAZZ?


Watch the video of That's Jazz (High Society 1956 - Bing Crosby / Louis Armstrong)


Foley Effects

Foley Artist Gary Hecker Great Video on the Foley Artist

The Magic of Making Sound | That's Amazing


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