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Here are a few fantastic Easter sites. The printouts are great, and the marshmallow bunny is a very enjoyable edible activity. And since we are talking about chickens, here's a rather interesting article on "Why did the Chicken cross the road?". Yes! that old chestnut.  It, once again, shows teachers know what they're talking about.


Easy Easter Basket Templates Template 1 Template 2


Easter Colouring Pages


Origami Maniacs 111: Easter Bunny - Fabulous Video

Blog Site with stills images


Check out their great Easter card.


How to make Amazing Easter Egg art!

Take a look at this video for dying Easter eggs



21 super original and awesome Easter eggs (full of pop culture references) from people who really went above and beyond. These are sure to inspire some amazing eggy creations. (please review before showing your students - you may like to select only a few of them and download to show your students)


Try the Paper Bag Bunnies or the Easter poems and songs, puzzles and printables.


Here's a Few Links to Easter Stories, both religious and traditional


Time and Date Easter Celebrations around the world. This is the one for Australia.

Just type in any country to take a look at the different types of Easter celebrations around the world. The Time Now  alternate site for Easter - easier to read.


How Stuff Works - Easter How do we determine when to celebrate Easer? The significance of the Easter Holiday around the world. Lots of info and videos



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