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Amazing Images of Fire and Fire Fighters.
First footage from the new Phantom Flex4K -
"Let me know when you see Fire"


Mega Tsunami - Alaskan Super Wave - Amazing Survival Survivors Story




NASA's Website

publishes satellite images in near real time of natural hazards around the world. An addition to NASA's Earth Observatory, the Natural Hazards section contains images and information about major environmental events that are potentially hazardous to human populations. Fabulous

In a major disaster, it might be several days before vital services are restored. Are you Prepared



Volcano Erupting - Lava Volcano erupting - Hawaii volcano - Lava lake - Lava flow- 2017

Volcano Discovery Every volcano in the world that has erupted within the past 10,000 years or is considered potentially active and many extinct volcanoes are listed.

More on volcanoes on VirtualTeacher



Disaster Management. Make a Plan. Covers a number of disaster scenarios.



Australia. Find current and general information about climate and weather conditions, including warnings and disasters.



This site provides current information on prevention, preparedness and disaster response. Browse latest disaster updates and analysis. Also filter by country, disaster type and month.

Savage Earth is the companion site to the PBS TV  series of the same name. It includes information, links and teacher notes on Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis (tidal waves). Natural disasters.


Wikipedia List of Natural Disasters by Death Toll

Great list of Natural disasters with links to explanations of each disaster. Covers Avalanches, Blizzards, Communicable diseases, Cyclones, Earthquakes, Famines, Floods, Heat waves, Lightning strikes, Storms, Tornadoes, Tsunamis, Volcanic eruptions, Bush Fires.


Top 10: Deadliest Natural Disasters - by death toll.


Be Prepared for a Disaster


Disaster WEB





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