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If you are looking for new drama activities,
lesson plans, scripts, curriculum, and a huge
collection of theatre games all in one place,
you’ve found it!


Good amount of FREE content plus some paid

content. Download the FREE 40 Classic Drama Lesson

This is pretty fabulous.

There is a wealth of resources on this site, including tried and tested drama games and drama strategies. You will find drama lessons such as The Gruffalo, Funny Bones and World War Two

Evacuees. These can easily be adapted around your own theme.


Theatre Sports Games - Theatre Sports games are a hell of a lot of fun in the classroom. Perhaps the best thing about them is that they can literally be used with any age group. Theatre Sports games appeal to primary/elementary students as well as high school students and they can be great to use with adults as well.


Here there are hundreds of Theatre Sports games..They are most valuable to acquire these essential skills for any student actor, quick thinking, using the imagination, role play, improvisation etc.


Akala - Hip-Hop & Shakespeare?

You will love this. If you ever wanted to turn kids onto Shakespeare this is it. It covers relevance and rhythm in Shakespeare. Hand on my heart.



Shakespeare Online

Comprehensive look at Shakespeare

His plays, sonnets, characters, the theatres, dates and time-lines,  a veritable cornucopia of Shakespearian information.

The site even provides you with quizzes to test your knowledge. This is not the flashiest site one about - could do with an visual upgrade but the content is great.

 Image from Deviant Art - Don't you love it.

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