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It's Ancient History

The British Museum is a great source of Information includes a special section called Young Explorers, and has a particularly excellent Egyptian section.  Also some great Videos.


Ancient Greece


Greek Gods - Get a crash course on the heavenly residents of Mount Olympus. Great short YouTube video, as it says a crash course, but a great summary.

Make a list of all their attributes:

Name, What Hero or Villain controls, Symbols/Animals associated,Special Skills, Weapons/Clothing/Musical Instrument etc


Ancient Greece Great Site includes pictures easy to navigate, lots of information.


Penn Museum has an amazing time-line indicating Archaeological digs through time around th world, supported by information about the biography and details descriptions of the finds of the archaeologist. Also extensive information on Ancient Greece


Winged Scandals

Take the tour with Hermes the messenger god, through a magical place filled with awesome gods, daring heroes and fabulous monsters. Includes stories, images, games, things to make, goodies including wallpaper and e-cards. You can also ask  Pythia for a Prophecy


The Caves of Lascaux

Explore the Caves of Lascaux, a visual of moving through the caves - quite amazing.


Life at Lascaux Some fabulous images as well as the story of the discovery of Lascaux by 2 school boys in 1940


Exploring the Caves of Lascaux Tutorial also Explores how humans came to draw. And Drawing through time - additional links to other resources.




BBC Ancient Egyptians - Lots of info, Pyramids, Monuments, Gods and Beliefs, Dynasties etc.


Ancient Egypt A to Z of Ancient Egypt Includes Language and Monuments


Online Hieroglyphics Translator I have always loved this site. Students can translate their names into hieroglyphics - great fun


The Great Pyramid of Egypt (How was it built) - BBC (10mins)

A realistic and breath-taking step by step recreation of the building of the pyramids in Ancient Egypt.




Medievil Life Information would suit middle Primary School


Life in a  Medievil Castle


The Middle Ages for Kids



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