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Enchanted Learning Site - Great Printouts and info - fantastic one stop shop on Antarctica. Particularly good for 5-12 age range.


Antarctica Online Australian Government site about Antarctica,Great Images and information, includes mp3 sounds.


All about GLACIERS Glaciers elicit both awe and curiosity. Like great rivers of ice, glaciers have sculpted mountains and carved out valleys. They continue to flow and shape the landscape in many places today. This site with something for everyone from glaciologist to grade school students, exploring nearly all aspects of glaciers including data and science, facts, a gallery, a glossary and much more.

weather and climate and oceans and geology! The GLACIER Web Site is

intended to introduce you to the Antarctic and the brave souls who are investigating that vast, frozen continent. (for information related to weather)


Pictures of Antarctica  Site also includes a time line of Antarctic History and information specifically for Schools. Also check out this sites info on clothing and Whales.


Discovering Antarctica Great site includes video clips, challenges, information, design a movie project, documents to download and interactive. Site is a UK.



A great Video, covering history and exploration. Brilliant imagery.



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