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VT began in 1998 providing computer solutions for teachers. It gradually grew from requests and questions from teachers at my school.  I published questions and links online so everyone could have easy access. It contained Online Lesson Plans, Great Sites, Free Stuff, Tips, Time savers, and templates etc.



Since then the world has changed dramatically, we have had the GFC and we are still struggling with the aftermath. The whole world is engulfed in an evolution. No one is sure of anything anymore. Today's students will be adults in a world we cannot even begin to predict.


Virtual Teacher isn't just a website, consulting service or awesomely cool newsletter.  It’s about a belief in the future of education, about changing the way we teach in the digital era.  A way of working: smarter, better and happier.


About Me



                                      by Cathy Brown


My Life  has been driven by insatiable curiosity, it has covered many areas including Education, Technology, Graphic Design, Writing, Art, Filmmaking and Marketing. Each one is 99% transferable. The variety has enhanced my life it is a way of working smarter, better and happier.


After my graduation with Honours from Sydney University, I taught extensively in both the private and public sectors, from Preschool to Tertiary.  I worked as an Educational consultant for Holt Saunders, Harcourt, Brace, Janovich, as well as for Lego Australia and also Horwitz Martin Education.


My fascination with computers began in the mid 1970’s with my research work using Sydney University’s mainframe computer, this lead to my work on the development of the first vacation computer course for students, sponsored by Metropolitan Business College and supported by IBM. I taught basic programming, and one of the programs was a simple multiplication Q & A.




In 2003 - 2012 I ran a successful Graphics Arts and Design Studio in Sydney.

During this time I was also providing ITC In-service and Training for schools and was guest speaker a number of Educational Conferences.







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