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Back in the mid 1960's Professor Afferbeck Lauder ( strine for Alphabetical Order) pseudonym used by Alastair Ardoch Morrison wrote "Let Stalk Strine" (Let's Talk Australian.) It's popularity spawned a series of books and other
Strine publishings including "Nose Tone Unturned”. (No stone unturned)

For those too young to remember here are some Strineisms with translations.
It's a bit of a challenge to start with, but Ear Goze:-

Let Stalk Strine  Let's Talk Australian
Afferbeck Lauder  Alpabetical Order
Emma Chisit?  How Much Is It?
Bra Sharp  Brush Up
Egg Nishner  Air Conditioner
Egg Nishnin  Hair Conditioning
Yerron Yerrone  You're on your own
Saul-Write Few  It's All Right For You
Warm-Eye Gonadoo  What am I going to do
Anorl Erking Sauces, Anorl Erking Smen 
A Line from Humpty Dumpty


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With air chew, with air chew
Iker nardly liver there chew,
An I dream a badger kisser snits and die.
Phoney wicked beer loan,
Jars-chewer, nonnair roan,
An we'd dreamer batter mooner pinner sky.

With air chew, with air chew,
Hair mike-owner liver there chew,
Wile yerrony immy dream sigh maulwye scrine.
Anna strewer seffner barf
Yuma snow-eye Nietzsche laugh.
Cars with air chew immy arm sit snow you Strine.

Can you translate it?
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