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Christmas LIGHTS

christmas lights

Make some amazing fingerprint Christmas lights with Crafty Morning
BTN - My name's Kevin and my question is, Why do we have Christmas traditions?
Great Video Take a look


santa tv

Santa Television
What an exciting website and a fantastic way to investigate Christmas. View the Videos of the Northern lights, a Day in the Santa Claus Village, reindeer, and the magic of Roveniemi in Lapland. A huge number of Videos to watch at this site.

ADVENT Calendars


There are lots of Advent Calendars online - open the days from the 1st of December - I liked this Advent Calendar - a great for countdown to Christmas. Create your own Advent Calendar online for FREE.
Advent Calendar from NRich is a fabulous way to do some creative maths.
Primary Advent Calendar & Secondary Advent Calendar There are twenty-four activities, one for each day in the run-up to Christmas.
Click on each number to find one of our favourite mathematical questions - a mixture of short and longer tasks. A challenge for each day during the run-up to Christmas. Enjoy!

WHY? Christmas


Why Christmas has he Most Christmas Information on the Web! This is a cool site with lots of interactive including, Christmas Around the World, Traditions and customs Christmas Story and Activities. Watch the Relaxing Snow Video all year round.
Sit in front of a Cosy log fire. Find out if it’s Christmas today. Christmas fun includes some interactive including decorating a Christmas Tree, building a Nativity Scene, Cracker Jokes and much more.
The History of Christmas Trees 

Google SANTA Tracker

santa tracker

Google’s imaginative and colorful Santa world.
Each day opens up a new experience that kids can explore, almost like an interactive gaming advent calendar. And if listening for the sleigh bells and reindeer hooves on your rooftop isn’t enough interaction for your kids, download the Google Santa Tracker app for them and show them pinpointed, ever-changing GPS locations for Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas Eve. Even we keep our eyes on this one on the 24th. (Free website, app also free at Google Play)



Norad Tracks Santa from December the 1st NORAD Some great videos and behind the scenes on the Norad equipment as well. Basically shows what Norad does even interesting for the skeptics amonst us.

Learn about NORAD HQ

Great video on How NORAD TRACKS SANTA.

Christmas in AUSTRALIA

flip flops-bondi-beach

Christmas Day in Australia the Time and Date site has some great information. If you click through you can find out about holidays and celebrations throughout the world.
Christmas Tic Tac Toe Game - Simple but fun.
How Christmas Works - There are great selection of Videos and Images



Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus The original Story
Virtual Teacher Christmas Stars 1 - Free to download Christmas Stars 2 the files are pdfs. If you download them please consider becoming a supporter of VT to keep the good things coming.
How to Draw a Gingerbread House Great video to draw along with.

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