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I have been inspired by a number of requests lately for information on the
HOT TOPIC The Language of Film. It is the language of visual literacy or more specifically audio-visual literacy. Of course, there are thousands of words used by filmmakers, so I have created a simplified jumping off point to start your vocabulary.
Looking for a great END OF YEAR school concert Item, check out "LET'S TWIST AGAIN" my kids loved it, a bit of history, reading and creative dancing.

IF THE DINOSAURS CAME BACK - DINOSAURS, always a great topic for kids. A great book, lots of creative thinking. Check out the VT webpage on DINOSAURS. Discover the latest biggest dinosaur ever found, discovered on 27/10/2018 sort of. Build your own Jurassic Park in the classroom.
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Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges.
The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the government.
Publius Tacitus (or Gaius Cornelius Tacitus; c. 56–after 117 AD), Roman orator, lawyer, and senator. He is considered one of antiquity's greatest historians.


by George Lucas and Martin Scorsese on Visual Literacy on the Virtual Teacher Visual Literacy page.
Shot Size & Type
Shot size is one of the basics of filmmaking. It means how big things are in the picture. An extreme long shot just shows the setting; long shots and mid shots show people in the setting, and close-ups show details of faces and objects.
EWS - Extreme Wide Shot - A shot taken from a sufficient distance to show a landscape, a building, or a large crowd. this shot shows the setting.

WS - Wide Shot - Shows 1 or 2 people in full figure or several people from the waist up.

MS - Medium Shot - Shows head to waist.

MCU - Medium Close-Up chest and head.

CU - Close-up - A shot of one face or object that fills the screen completely.

ECU - Extreme close-up - A shot of a small object or part of a face that fills the screen.
Cutaway - a shot of something related to but outside the main action of a scene. It's a shot that cuts away from the main action to a separate or secondary action – hence its name, cutaway.
Dutch Angle - also known as Dutch tilt, canted angle, or oblique angle, is a type of camera shot where the camera is set at an angle.
OTS - over the shoulder - is a shot of someone or something taken over the shoulder of another person, usually including a portion of the head or shoulder of that person on the edge of frame.
High Angle - The camera looks down at what is being photographed.
Eye Level - A shot that approximates human vision; a camera presents an object so that the line between camera and object is parallel to the ground.
Low Angle - The camera looks up at what is being photographed.
Most shots need some kind of movement to give them life. Keep the camera still to show subtle movements; move the camera – pan, track or tilt – to follow the action or move through space.
Panning - The camera is fixed moves horizontally on a fixed base. CHECK OUT THE Panning Camera Move Video
Tilting - The camera is fixed and moves up or down, vertically. Tilting Camera Move Video
Never say pan up or down - pan means panorama.
Tracking - The camera moves on a wheeled truck (or dolly), or is handheld, but stays on the same plane or angle. Check out the video tracking shots 1.34mins
Zoom - Not a camera movement but a shift in the focal length of the camera lens to give the impression that the camera is getting closer to or farther from an object. There is a great Zoom effect in the iPad Air Ad
Arc Shot - a shot where the camera circles its subject.
Great little video covering a range of different shots, camera angles. Angles and shot types are explained from beginning to 2.28m Then some movie samples including Matrix Gun Shot scene. At 3.40minutes in there is a short film with various angles and shot types explained.
CHECK OUT the Incredibles 2 Best Scene and list the shots for the first 34secs. Check out the shotlist at Virtual Teacher
DOWNLOAD the storyboard template and draw a Storyboard for the first 34 secs on this scene.
CHALLENGE Select your favourite movie scene, 30secs - 1 min. List the shots and create a storyboard.

Goto the Virtual Teacher Making Movies page and check out the vocabulary for
Light and Colour,
Sound, Editing and other great resources.
The whole school day is a rush between meetings, preparation, writing their program, testing, Naplan, writing reports, getting and maintaining accreditation, data entry, documenting everything etc. In fact, since the introduction of the Professional Teaching Standards in 2011, no-one has any time. Everyone is so busy documenting their own teaching practice they have no time. No time to assist beginning teachers, no time to assist and support colleagues, in many cases the profession has become adversarial as teachers compete for positions and make themselves "look" employable for new advancement positions. The demands of the job have simply become too much.
"Experienced teachers have had enough," Professor Riley says.
Comments like
I don't know how much longer I can take this"
I love teaching but 80% of the time you are doing something else and not teaching."
I need a break
Teachers are leaving the profession in significant numbers — the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics suggest 53 percent of people who hold a teaching degree, do not currently work in education.
Although the figure varies by locality, about 40 to 50 percent of our newest teachers leave within their first five years on the job.
Why are they leaving
These graduates are leaving for various reasons, but similar themes recur: they feel burnt out, unsupported, frustrated and disillusioned.
There must be a better way.
1. The International Baccalaureate Curriculum is a fully developed curriculum supplied to teachers, they do not program, they implement an existing program. A huge amount of teacher time could be reduced by implementing this system in Australian schools.
2. Testing should be drastically reduced and if required should be conducted online and automatically marked with results feeding into individual student reports.
3. Report writing should be streamlined, all data entry should be automated directly from existing programs students are working on, eg Mathletics, Reading Eggs etc. REport categories should be reduced. Reporting on individual outcomes removed.
4. Reduction of administrative task undertaken by teachers from the current 80% to say 20% by using automation and administrative staff.
Get back time to be creative and inspiring and collegial, and let teachers do the job they love - teaching


You're no square so you'll want to learn these moves, a bit of history from 1960. I recently did this for a performance - it was great fun, the students really enjoyed it, they invented individual dances and scripted them with stick figures. Here is a sample of the drawings they drew:-
We filmed the whole dance sequence and included cutaways of individual performances.
We started with a bit of history from Aaron at the...
We learned the twist moves with Jennifer Parker and squished a bug. Get bug squishing with Jennifer's Jennifer's Twist Dance Steps
Then looked at
Twist tutorials with 3 guys for some inspiration. Older groups chose to do cutaways at different locations.
Chubby checker with lyrics overlay (not great quality but great)
Chubby checker version
Come on everybody!
Clap your hands!
Aw, you're looking good!

I'm goona sing my song
It won't take long!
We're gonna do the Twist
And it goes like this:
Come on let's twist again
Like we did last summer!
Yeaaah, let's twist again
Like we did last year!

Do you remember when
Things were really hummin
'Yeaaaah, let's twist again
Twistin' time is here!

Heeee, and round and round and up and down we go again!
Oh, baby, make me know you love me sooooo
And then:

Twist again
Like we did last summer
Come on, let's twist again
Like we did last year!



This is a fabulous book for Kindergarten and Stage 1. It also provides a great stimulus for creative writing and thinking for older grades. The illustrations are fabulous and great for artwork stimulus.
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Hey Cathy
I'm Damian, and I'm on the content team at Montemlife; I wanted to reach out to you after coming across this article of yours:
As passionate outdoor enthusiasts we are on a mission to preserve the beautiful nature we all inherited.

So we put together an in-depth guide on "leave no trace" principles which will help us to conserve wild places so our kids can enjoy them too one day.
Would you consider linking to my page in the article of yours I mentioned above? I saw you linked to some other great resources, and it'd really knock my socks off if you added my link as well. Even if you don't I'd love to hear any feedback you have on it :)
What are your thoughts? If I don't hear from you, I'll just go ahead and follow up here in a few days.

Thanks so much in advance,


“Wilderness is not a luxury but necessity of the human spirit.” –Edward Abbey

Hi Damian,
Thanks for the email. This site is well worth discussing in the classroom.
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