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Building a dinosaur from a chicken - Jack Horner

Renowned paleontologist Jack Horner has spent his career trying to reconstruct a dinosaur. He's found fossils with extraordinarily well-preserved blood vessels and soft tissues, but never intact DNA. So, in a new approach, he's taking living descendants of the dinosaur (chickens) and genetically engineering them to reactivate ancestral traits — including teeth, tails, and even hands — to make a "Chickenosaurus."

(Take notes and write a report - Stage 3 and 4)

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Amazing Dinosaurs for KIDS

See CUTE dinosaur babies born and watch take their first clumsy steps. Little tiny Brontosaurus babies run around their family herd triceratops teens play in a field. See FUNNY dinosaur falls and GROSS dinosaur sneezes. Watch a prehistoric squirrel outsmart the dinosaurs chasing him. Have FUN watching dinosaurs DANCE!



Dinosaur Movies

Walking with Dinosaurs  Watch the Trailer 2013 Movie (1.27m)

Decoding Dinosaur's (HD full movie documentary) (45m)

Jurassic Park First Trailer


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BBC Earth Website - Amazing facts and imagery about Dinosaurs, great imagery and ticking extinction clocks. - Fabulous. Some trailers are also online at this site.


Bill Nye The Science Guy - S01E03 Dinosaurs


We can dish the real dirt about dinosaurs, thanks to fossils -- traces of theses astonishing animals. Dinosaurs did not print newspapers. They did not take family snapshots or videos 65 million years ago. The only proof scientists have of dinosaurs is their fossils, especially bones. Great Video.


Don't forget to make the dinosaur bone fossil.

Cut a bone out of sponge.

Mix 100ml of salt to 250ml of water

Put sand into bowl

Bury the bone in the sand

Pour the salt over the bone.


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