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Ramsey Musallam:

3 rules to spark learning - Curiosity comes first

Musallam emphasized the need to engage students' curiosity, and let their questions be a guide for teaching.


Ramsey Musallam: Curiosity Comes First Watch this video if you aren't convinced about who should ask the questions in your classroom this WILL convince you.

Rule Number 1 Curiosity comes first

Rule Number 2 Embrace the mess

Rule Number 3 Practice Reflection




Tania Luna

Taken by Surprise

Is about admitting you don't know something and making the feeling of not knowing DELIGHTFUL.

How do we wonder more and allow yourself to be taken by surprise? The surprise unleashes curiosity, passion, learning, growing, wonder, and saying I DON'T KNOW.



Julian Treasure

How to speak so that people want to listen

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