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What Makes Your PULSE RACE?

Hello Everyone,
I have changed the format this newsletter. Focussing on a few things in greater depth. Hope you like it. Let me know what your think.
I hope it gets your pulse racing.
Take a look at the STEM activity to measure pulse rate. Then let your student's design an activity to measure pulse rate changes over time with excercise.

What does this mean for health and fitness?
I do love this little cartoon, great for discussion.
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Great Quotes to Get Your Heart Racing

Alan November tells us that we need to “stop saying hand it in and start saying publish it instead.”
Veni, VIDEO, Vici

Get a Glimpse of What you can do with iPad and Mac

I have just worked through a series of tutorials on iBook to get my Apple Teacher badges. The iBook was great, a few incorrect instructions and interfaces but on the whole very enjoyable to do. Check it out at
You can become an Apple Teacher too.
The creative ideas and recommendations were great.

What Makes Your Pulse Race?

Use the app Heart Fitness on your iPhone or iPad to measure your normal, resting and
active pulse rate.
Use the old-fashioned method -
1. Take your pulse. Follow the app instructions - put your finger over the camera lens on the iPhone or iPad(Or use your fingers on your wrist as described above)
Record your result. Ask a friend to take a photo.
2. Relax - lie on the floor, close your eyes for 2 minutes. Take your pulse using the app. Record the result.
Take a photo of yourself and also your partner lying on the floor
3. Walk for 2 minutes. Record the result.Take a photo.
4. Skip for 2 minutes. Record the result.Take a photo
5. Run for 2 minutes.Record the result.Take a photo
Challenge Try out some other activities as well.
Use the NUMBERS APP on your iPad to graph your results.
1. Open a new Sheet in Numbers, and Name your sheet "Pulse Rate".
2. Working with a Friend enter your data like this:-
Tip: You can use the paintbrush tool to format your spreadsheet.
Download the Pulse Rate template below as a numbers template(Pulse Rate 2.numbers) and just replace the images and information.

Exercise and your heart Great Lesson plan for taking your pulse.
EXTENSION: What Effect does exercise have on pulse rate?
DESIGN an experiment to test this idea. You can test normal pulse rate, the pulse rate straight after exercise and recovery pulse rate, 1 minute after exercise has finished.
You may wish to test the results over a 2 or 3-week period for 5 days a week.

When a fit person, such as an athlete, exercises the pulse rate, breathing rate and lactic acid levels rise much less than they do in an unfit person. The time which it takes for pulse and breathing rate to return to normal is called the recovery time, and the fitter you are, the shorter your recovery time.

Design your experiment.
What will you include running, skipping, walking?
Will you have a control?
How long will the sessions be?
Write your own questions to help you design your experiment.


STe-1VA, ST1-1VA, ST2-1VA, ST3-1VA

EN1-1A EN2-1A EN3-1A

MA2-18SP MA3-18SP

INS2.3 INS3.3 ALS2.6
I do answer all emails so send them along with your questions ideas and great sites.

Hi Cathy,

I looked a bit at your profile and I am glad that we are now connected. As you may know, I am a full time applied mathematics academic doing research and teaching. This is at the University of Queensland in Australia.
However, I'm also dedicated to making One on Epsilon work. Our mission in this new company is to create content and software that drives curiosity and nurtures parent-student-teacher connection. It isn't necessarily about structured learning and succeeding in the school program, but rather about exploration and curiosity.
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Your profile suits just that. Register: Epsilon Stream: I am looking forward to hear from you,

Take a look at Yoni's Blog and let meknow what you think.

Greetings Cathy
No need for STEAM..
IF we adopt a slightly different approach.
The current bandwagon is exclusive, the keepers of the keys are seeking to overlay an elite interpretation of STEM subjects.
An alternative is to adopt "STEM principles"
Under this scheme students identify an issue problem or challenge, the proceed through a series of steps to design, build, test their solution. They then publish their findings to an audience..
Under this approach every subject area is eligible for scarce resources..rather than being exclusively for maths and has never been studied at schools level, so it is a guess as to what the 'E' means!
As for technology, many interpret this as computers..and even more reduced, coding.
Not at all!
Technology traditionally in schools has been construction with wood, metal, plastic, fabric and FOOD!
Use of computers has been relegated to a basic skill, like using a pencil, and is employed where ever appropriate.
STEM and HASS exist at the highest policy levels, but there is no need for them in primary and secondary schooling.
Design thinking, algorithmic thinking is the way to go in every area.
In primary schools the main area where construction took place was in the Art room.
I understand the necessity to declare STEAM worthy, however this reflects the 'grab' taking place.
Of course Art does not to miss out on access to Sphero robots(puppets really!) which can paint..or flying robots which can paint light pictures..
STEM principles is the way to go.
Every area can then be expected to join in.
Geography, history, English, music, PE..and maybe even Maths will have a few design projects instead of endless drill and practice
VCE (y11/12) Physics and IT

Thanks for the link, and also the other STEM activities. I will sign up for the facebook page.
Sounds like you had a pretty busy year, congratulations on IT Leader of the Year - good luck with the national awards.

The editing is something I love to do. We are currently editing and colour grading a film from Malta.

Let me know about any cool STEM stuff. I am especially interested in primary level ideas that are exciting.


Hi Cathy!
I would like to suggest the website to be included as a resource under Virtual Teacher links page.
It contains study techniques that will help students to learn better, and I believe your students will find it useful!
Hope to hear from you soon,

Thanks Edward an interesting site.

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