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Hello [NAME],
I loved this graphic from Krissy
OUR MISSION is to develop Life Long Learners &

We have access to vast resource of information. SO NO PROBLEMS with content.

It is our job to teach student to ACCESS this vast resource, so they can learn anything, anytime, anywhere. So HOW do you do it?? WHERE do you start? Read about some ideas down below. You can start with NRICH these problems with multiple solutions can really get kids going.

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The 4 BIG IDEAS series on Pythagoras, Fibonacci, Fractals and 4 Colour Theorem has been a huge success with fabulous feedback.
WHY shouldn't kindergarten be exposed to some great visual/mathematical/thinking/artistic ideas from our greatest minds before they need to know the algorithms behind them?
WHY not see maths as truly inspirational and visual not just computational?
WHY not develop deep understanding of great inspirational ideas at the earliest possible age?
I have had great feedback from the kids who have worked with me on these ideas. Kindergarten particularly loved Fibonacci - they were counting flower petals for days, cutting open their apple and bananas just to check and experimenting with counting anything at all. The 4 Colour Theorem was also a big hit - and we started to talk about sides and vertices and area almost like magic, the language was fabulous.
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What will you get in the 'BIG IDEA' series, well you'll get Concept Based Math Ideas that can be taught from Kindergarten to Stage 3+. And YES Kindergarten can get involved in this too, and they will love it. All the the 'BIG IDEA' documents contain links, BLMs, Apps and of course great ideas.
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Welcome back to 2015
I know you think you understand what you thought I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
Alan Greenspan

Nulla dies sine linea Not a day without a line. Do something every day!
Apeles, Greek painter

Most learning is not the result of instruction. It is rather the result of unhampered participation in a meaningful setting.
lllich, Ritualization of Progress

This is an image for everyone.
Learning Models, Theories, and Technology: A Dictionary For 21st Century Teachers
by Terry Heick and TeachThought Staff
The aim of this article is to develop a common language for discussing existing and emerging learning trends, models, and technology in hopes of innovation in classrooms, and collectively, education at large. This article provides brief and hyperlinked info for such things as:-
Activity Based Learning BYOD, Problem-Based Learning, Blended Learning, Challenge-Based Learning, Connected Learning, Constructionism, Self-Directed Learning, Differentiation, Digital Citizenship, eLearning, Flipped Classroom, Flow, Gamification, Heautagogy - I had to include this one.
It is interesting to have all the different approaches defined succinctly.
I lso loved the 10 team building games. A fabulous resource.

Dragon Dictation is now free for both iPhone and iPad. No ad, just simple and easy to use. So easy my Kindergarten group has been using it. You know you always have the kids in stage 1 who need you to scribe for them in class as they dictate their story, well here's your answer. Give them independence and control to dictate their own stories.
So a number of options
Number 1 The kids can dictate to the DRAGON and then copy the text onto their pages. Yes it's that simple no training, the machines, if the kids speak clearly the text will be accurate. They love it, they have total control.
Number 2 Then you can email the text to your accoutn if you like. But What I love is that you can copy the text - very easy - just click on copy on the pop up menu. This can be pasted into just about any program that accepts text. To paste text just double tap.
Number 3 But if you want the DRAGON to Explain Everything. Copy and Paste your text into the EXPLAIN EVERYTHING app. How cool is that. Then the text can be illustrated using the tools in EXPLAIN EVERYTHING. Importing images, re-reading the text and even making finished books using multiple slide pages from EXPLAIN EVERYTHING.
What a great MASH-UP - Give it a try and let me know how you go.

fghhg. What it means to ME(the teacher)
NRICH Enriching Mathematics is fabulous. Just pop these up on the whiteboard and the kids can collaborate on teh answers. And boy will they promote discussion and enthusisam. This created quite a reaction for my year one class - sparkling eyes - excited children doing maths.

NRICH Enriching Mathematics site has age appropriate problems and this site also has a news letter and
many other links - well worth a look.
Pairs of Numbers Problem - Lower Primary
Maze 100 Middle Primary
Problem 14 - Stage 3
I actually gave this one to a stage 2 class - they loved it. Lots of discussion and lots of experiments. The experts who solved the puzzle collaborated with the other and explained their strategies. They were so chuffed when they worked it out. Maths pride I love it.
Sums and Differences - Middle Primary
Working Systematically - List of Problems various stages

Google Earth Pro, the premium version of Google's popular Google Earth
service, is now free. Google sliced the price from $400 a year, so this is a pretty solid deal. If you
like to make 3D measurements or create HD videos of virtual trips around the world, I'd jump on this.
You can download the software key directly from Google and start an online global journey.

Don't forget about this fabulous info graphic for ANZAC Day.
It is a Fabulous interactive info graphic looking at the poppy symbol and using this to indicate deaths in theatres of war around the world. They say 'a picture is worth a thousand words" well this one certainly is!!!!

I do answer all emails so send them along with your questions ideas and great sites.

Hi Cathy ,
Love the newsletter. It's great to get small amounts of great ideas. I wondered if you had any resources for Food Chains.
Matt B.

Hi Matt,
I will be including some great links in this area in the next newsletter. If any readers have great links for this please send them in.
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