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Video Writing Prompts for Kids
Great site with some splendid videos to prompt creative writing - lots of questions great ideas.
One of my favourites, it really motivated my students was
Tell the story of Superman’s brother, Carl, who left Krypton as a child but ended up on a deserted planet filled with space trash instead of landing on Earth.

Think about his life. What was his childhood like?

How did he spend his days? How did he survive? etc....


Author Questionaires

Author Questionnaires - Australian Authors and their comments on Writer's block, this is a downloadable pdf.

Do you get `Writer’s Block?’  What do you do about it?

All writers have times when for one reason or another they don’t feel like writing. Occasionally, this happens to me.  My response is to `go with the flow’. Moya Simons.


Writer's Block - Cube on Inspiration - Download the cube or a blank version of the cube


Check out the Writer's Block page on Virtual Teacher


How Writer's Write Now downloadable PDF - The Brief, Style, Skeleton, Writing preflight and Layout. Definitely not a Text Type.


Children's Book Council

This is the official web site of the Children's Book Council of Australia. Here you will find the shortlist and winners announced almost at the same time as the official announcement. See it here first!!

The CBC short listed books are at this site and also for previous years



Most authors have their own websites, with extra info, sometimes advice for young writers and also the opportunity to email them. You can also book them for school visits.


Sonya Hartnett, Steven Herrick, Libby Gleeson, Goeffrey McSkimming(some very cool videos), Morris Gleitzman, James Moloney, Tohby Riddle, Moya Simmons, David Luckett, Markus Zusak, Janeen Brian, Ursula Dubosarsky,  Alison LesterJames Moloney, Andy Griffiths, Mem Fox, Jackie French Site contains some great tips for writers.



    Morris Gleitzman            Moya Simmons              David Luckett               James Moloney




Lemony Snicket - I love these books


Seussville - fantastic site for everyone - try using this with older students as well- use the language patterns as templates for their rhymes and stories


J. K. Rowling Harry Potter of course, Judy BlumeEric Carle, Dave Pilkey, Ezra Jack Keats

Elizabeth Partridge, Roald Dahl


Dinotopia is a most interesting site. Great Visual Literacy Images.


Who are your favourites?  have you found any fabulous sites? Send them in and I will add them to the list.



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