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The Effect of STEM 
on Everything STEM is a current Buzz Word/Acronym in Education. It is more than anything a way of thinking critically, and creatively, a way to explore and engage with the world, a mindset that uses logic, reason, inquiry and research to develop understanding and draw new conclusions. AND it is more than just Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM EMBRACES EVERYTHING 1. WITHOUT WRITING THERE CAN BE NO STEM. You need writing to explain your Brilliant Idea. STEM is a group endeavour, and the group members need to be able to contribute in writing, they need to write convincingly and persuasively if they are going to get STEM projects funded. Schools need a lot of convincing to install a HADRON COLLIDER on the school oval so you can go back in time(TIME TRAVEL) and study the origins of the universe. 2. WITHOUT READING THERE CAN BE NO STEM. You will need to research ideas and gather information. If you are inventing a TIME TRAVELING machine, you will need to find out what is already known. 3. WITHOUT SPEAKING WELL AND LISTENING THERE CAN BE NO STEM. You have to be able to communicate your ideas and listen to the ideas of others. You need to be able to clearly explain your ideas in a way the others can understand, add clarity and explain how you have arrived at your conclusions. TIME TRAVEL might be clear to you but who else really understands. 4. WITHOUT CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS THERE CAN BE NO STEM. You need to interpret, analyse and be able to draw conclusions. A fixed mindset will be counter-productive. As the famous Audrey Hepburn said “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!’ So don't discount the TIME MACHINE. 5. WITHOUT EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE THERE CAN BE NO STEM. You will need to get along with a diverse range of people. You will need to manage your own emotions in an effective and positive manner, defuse conflicts, empathise, ensure your group members feel included and encourage and assist others. And if you do invent one, a TIME MACHINE that is, be empathetic enough to let me know. Doing STEM well is hard and focused work, 
will the kids be happy to work hard? Absolutely…

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