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but only the FABULOUS ones.


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1. WISE UP: Be the Solution

Wise Up: Be The Solution: Establish A Learning Culture In Your Home And Help Your Child Succeed In School

by Ph D James L Casale


Direct your frustration about your child's education to something you can control-the learning environment in your own home. No special skills are needed. In Wise Up, Dr. Casale, a state and national award winning educator with 50 years of experience, inspires parents to become more knowledgeable about key school issues and more proactive in their child's education. You don't need any specialized knowledge.


You will not have to do your child's homework or design elaborate learning activities. This book offers readers a straightforward, jargon free and common sense approach to creating a learning culture in your home and helping your child succeed in school and in life.


Parents can change the family dynamic for the better by remembering the four C(s)-calm, civil, courageous and consistent. Get the tools you need to:
1) maintain a positive attitude about education,
2) create a family pledge or mission statement
3) develop a plan that values education and life-long learning.

Parents are their child's first and most important teachers. They must accept their solemn responsibility to love, protect, and nurture the emotional, psychological, physical and academic growth of their child. This book will help parents Be the Solution.


Wise Up: Be The Solution is a must read for all parents who want their children to meet with success in the school setting.


Principals and teachers should encourage parents to purchase this book. Anyone with school age children should purchase this book.