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The 9th smallest country in the world, rich with history with a deep connection to Australia.



Australia’s little known WW1 history in Malta where ANZAC troops enjoyed respite, recreation and rehabilitation. This News site is a great source of photos and information

Put a new spin on ANZAC investigations this year and take a look at Malta -the Hospital of the Mediterranean that treated our soldiers during the War.

The Australian High Commission to Malta has some excellent pdfs documenting the ANZACs in Malta.


Some Amazing Facts and figures from World War 2. Malta was the most Bombed country in the World(rare colour film) the concentration of bombs far surpassing that suffered by London in the Blitz.


Upper Barrakka Gardens Valletta at the noon ceremonial gun firing.- Photo by Geoffrey Brown 2015


National Symbols of MALTA

Maltese History & Heritage

Maltese Government Site Great site lots of information about the islands, culture, and arts in Malta.


Video History of Malta with revolving background. This is 6m video that gives a potted history of Malta - with a revolving background from the Upper Barrakka Gardens - rather humorous - good over view.


More a more indepth history take a look at VISITMALTA with timelines and details from prehistoric times to current national Profile of Malta


Knights of MALTA

This is a fascinating part of the Maltese history.



The Order of the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem  also known as Order of Saint John, Order of Hospitallers, Knights Hospitaller, and the Hospitallers, were among the most famous of the Roman Catholic military orders during the Middle Ages.


The defended Malta against the advance of the Ottoman empire(The Turks). There are some incredible stories about them and the Armour and weapons they used were amazing.


Take a look at how to become a knight and the history

of the Knights of Malta. Also take a look at the Video about
the Seige of Malta - one of the

greatest stories.


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