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Healthy Eating


Jamie Oliver: Teach every child about food

If you really want a to start the discussion about healthy eating this is the Video for you.

It's worth it just for the graph, take a look at the video you'll understand.

Jamie Oliver has a TED Wish: to build a new generation of informed, healthy eaters. The time is now, he says, to drive fast foods out of our homes, schools and offices and to create a shared culture of meals that we can be proud to pass on to our children.



Teaching World War One History through Food


This site provides links to five videos that explore the history of World War One through food. FOOD WILL WiN THE WAR


Food fonts

Pdfs you can cut out and make words.

Probably best to use as illustrations and ask the students to make them out of real food.


What's Wrong with out Food System?

At a TEDx event, 11-year-old Birke Baehr presents his take on a major source of our food -- far-away and less-than-picturesque industrial farms. Keeping farms out of sight promotes a rosy, unreal picture of big-box agriculture, he argues, as he outlines the case to green and localize food production. Watch the Video


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