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Amazing Crystal Cave - How Earth Made Us - S1 Ep1 Preview - BBC Two


Picture by Storm Chaser


Maybe this is the REAL SUPERMAN CAVE. What do you think of this?

Find out more about the caves at Naicia These large columns of selenite crystals(gypsum) are spectacular.


National Geographic Resources Fantastic

Volcanoes are awesome manifestations of the fiery power contained deep within the Earth. this site contains images, 10 most dangerous volcanoes, quizzes and videos.


Volcano Explorer

Interactive showing Plate Tectonics and inside a Volcano


Volcano World

Current Eruption Reports, Virtual Field Trips, Facts, Games, Interviews with Vulcanologists, very comprehensive site.


Bill Nye the Science Guy episodes 74: Volcanoes Great YouTube Video on Volcanoes


How To Draw a Volcano




Geology Kitchen: The 3 Types of Rocks

I love this Video - anyone who can add chocolate to icecream and talk about Geology has got me.  Geology is one of my favourites.  And making S'moresite form chocolate, marshmellow and biscuits has certainly rekindled my  interest. There are quite a number of Videos at the Geology Kitchen a great resource.





Rock Hounds for Kids

If you're a kid, or a kid at heart, and love rocks, minerals and geology, you'll love this website!  You'll be able to look through our neat gallery of minerals with great pictures,

good information and all the details about your favorite specimens!

The links section will let you know about good fun websites on the web all about geology!

Rock Identification Key


Kidz Rocks Great site for info on minerals includes videos fabulous.


How to Draw Rock Crystals Fabulous Wiki


Rocks to Cut out for Visual Rock Collection PDF1


RockHounds Membership Card


Virtual Rock Collection Powerpoint


Virtual Geology Museum Great images of Minerals


Rock Cycles for Kids Interactive


Fossils to Shale - Rockhounding for Kids Some great links from this site




Is a comprehensive geology site with images of rocks and minerals for identification. Information on Volcanoes, Plate Tectonics, Fluorescent minerals and just about anything geology related.


Rock classification app $0.99

Quick reference guide for rock hounds to identify and learn about the rocks, gems, and minerals that they are looking to collect. Designed for easy use and fast response without information overload.




A Paleontologist's Guide to Dental Analysis - includes Enamel, the Paleontologist's Friend

Applying Carbon-14 Dating to Recent Human Remains, Human evolution at the crossroads: Integrating genetics and paleontology, Ancient Human Ancestor Had Unique Diet

Oldest Human Fossils Found


Found by two teens on a fishing trip in southwestern Alberta, this Tyrannosaurus rex is considered one of the most significant specimens of its kind. Preserved in very hard, light gray sandstone, the bones and teeth of this tremendous meat-eater are shining black – stained during fossilization by minerals.


Unearthing the T-Rex


BBC Fossils includes great Videos


Tribolites great video


Fossil Facts - Great Fossil Images at the Plant Fossil Gallery, Animal Fossil Gallery


What is a Fossil?


Earth Facts - Fossils Enjoy these fun fossil facts for kids. Children will learn how fossils are formed, what the words paleontology and petrification mean, how we know so much about the dinosaurs and much more.


Tribolites means “three lobes”, and Tribolites are a well-known fossil group of extinct marine arthropods(like ants, spider, lobsters,prawns and most insects). Trilobites form one of the earliest known groups of arthropods. The first appearance of trilobites in the fossil record is in the Early Cambrian period (521 million years ago), and they flourished throughout the lower Paleozoic era. The trilobites were among the most

successful of all early animals, roaming the oceans for over 270 million years.


About Trilobites Word Doc.


Geological Time Scales


Clock with Trilobite Timeframe compared to other animals like humans and dinosaurs.




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