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Who Dunnit?

You'll love the music,

WHO DUNNIT? is a great site

if you want to learn to be a sleuth by exploring the world of th forensic scientist.

Elementary and Middle School students can learn to take fingerprints, analyze unidentified powders, and other techniques to solve "The Case of the

Barefoot Burglar."

Forensic Entomology is the knowledge of insects used to aid legal

investigations. The creators of this website are consultants in forensic

entomology, but also explain how insects at a crime scene can offer clues.

Learn about the life cycle of insects, protocol (how to observe the scene

and collect specimens), the equipment you need to work with, and how to ship



Federal Bureau of Investigation: Handbook of Forensic Services

Science runs smack into law enforcement as the FBI publishes its Handbook of

Forensic Services online. Learn about Evidence Examinations, Crimes Scenes

and learn Safety techniques while working with unknown substances.


Teacher Source Forensics

Great site for ideas even if you don't buy the kits


The CSI Experience
Great Video on Footprint - also some simple ideas for Forensic investigations


FLASH FACE - Face recognition app - about $4.00

Have you ever wanted to be a police sketch artist? Well, now you can use the flashface app and create sketches of criminals or yourself and your friends. It provides a large number of each facial components including eyes, nose, mouth, hair, head, eyebrows, glasses, mustache, jaw and beard.


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