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You're no square so you'll want to learn these moves, a bit of history from 1960. I recently did this for a performance - it was great fun, the students really enjoyed it, they invented individual dances and scripted them with stick figures. Here is a sample of the drawings they drew:-

We filmed the whole dance sequence and included cutaways of individual performances.


WE STARTED with a bit of history from Aaron at the...

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis


WE LEARNED the twist moves with Jennifer Parker and squished a bug. Get bug squishing with Jennifer's Twist Dance Steps



Twist tutorials with 3 guys for some inspiration. Older groups chose to do cutaways at different locations.


Chubby checker with lyrics overlay (not great quality but great)

Chubby checker voice with archival dancing



Come on everybody!

Clap your hands!

Aw, you're looking good!


I'm goona sing my song

It won't take long!

We're gonna do the Twist

And it goes like this:


Come on let's twist again

Like we did last summer!

Yeaaah, let's twist again

Like we did last year!


Do you remember when

Things were really hummin

'Yeaaaah, let's twist again

Twistin' time is here!


Heeee, and round and round and up and down we go again!

Oh, baby, make me know you love me sooooo

And then:


Twist again

Like we did last summer

Come on, let's twist again

Like we did last year!


Chubby Checker audio only



WAVING Tutorial: Hip Hop Dance for Beginners  How To




Jan Mason's

Pinterest Page on Dance and Music. Take a look for some great ideas on Music lessons, songs, videos and of course dance ideas. continually updated, some great resources.





Maths in your feet Percussive dance is the platform for a robust choreographic inquiry into mathematical thinking, practices and topics for elementary students and their teachers. In Math in Your Feet students choreograph their own percussive patterns learning and using mathematics at the same time. Watch the Videos.


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PDF of Lyrics to What does the Fox Say


All Videos around 3 mins and the last one is great for younger grades. The words are also fabulous to use for speech marks, and descriptions.


New Xbox One: Kinect-Game - Life-WIRED Exclusive

How it Works


TUTTING Tutorial: Hip Hop Dance for Beginners » How To

Learn how to tut so get fresh and clean angles. This is step by step by step tutorial for basic tutting combo. Matt Steffanina 3.10m


3 Great Dances

Brain Breaks - Action Songs for Children - Move and Freeze - Kids Songs by The Learning Station

1953 Ray Anthony - The Hokey Pokey (original version) (Jo Ann Greer, vocal)



Heal and Toe Polka






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