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Draw Create and Imagine - Harptoons


Cartooning With Blitz - Full Program

This one is 50 minutes - but fabulous

Bruce Blitz How to Draw a COMIC STRIP

Bruce's Videos are fabulous Take a look.Take a look.


Make your Own Comic Book with Bruce Blitz

This is another great one.  (5mins)

Bruce Blitz Doodles from NAMES

This is a great end of year activity (3mins)




How to Draw Animals step by step. Great site I love the penguin. Great for K-6 Art Bootcamp 2013: Week 1: Drawing: Shading with Aviarei  Great for upper primary and high school


5 pencil method

How to Draw Faces | The Secret of Gripping Portrait with Darrel Tank. Great information and explanations.


Check out the other drawing tutorials



Cartooning & Drawing

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