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Nearpod is an interactive presentation and assessment tool that can be used to amazing effect in the classroom. The app's concept is simple. A teacher can create presentations that can contain Quiz's, Polls, Videos, Images, Drawing-Boards, Web Content and so on.

Check out some Free NearPods here. I particularly like "The Life of a Frog".

There are many Lessons available for a fee. Common Sense has  Digital Citizenship Lessons available for NearPod with all the accompanying teacher resources which are well worth a look.



Sphero SPRK: The robot ball which teaches you how to code

Check out  Sphero Knievel in Newsletter 242  And our video on Youtube



The Sphero Edu platform uses app-enabled robots to foster

creativity through discovery and play, all while laying the foundation for computer science. Our program goes beyond code with collaborative STEAM activities, nurturing students’ imaginations in ways no other education program can. Cross-platform apps are approachable for all skill levels of programming JavaScript, allowing us to reach as many minds as possible. Think outside the bot and inspire your future. This is Sphero Edu.

Check out the Sphero Edu site.


DO THE Sequenced lessons


WATCH Sphero Maze AND Sphero SPRK+ Education Pack videos


WATCH ViDEO on how to navigate a Maze using block coding


CHECK OUT Teaching with the iPad by Peter Abt

Great site for SPHERO ideas and other APPS for iPad


WATCH Things you can do with a sphero


TRY Story telling with sphero lights and sounds


Check out the Video WE made ROBOTS Self Destruct


Check out my "Teach Your Sphero to Draw" video


Sphero Crazy ZigZag


Sphero Kindergarten Sight Words



Metaverse  APP
is a fabulous augmented reality app

which is FREE and the easiest way to create AR without writing one line of code.





the Metaverse app has all the elements of a great APP


2. Easy USER interface

3. Easy to get started BUT offering more complex options as you learn more.

4. Easy and fabulous support


 If your students love POKEMON GO

they will love creating their own version using Metaverse.

There is great support online with live chat right on the site and YES they actually do respond. Metaverse has an amazing support group for teachers through their Facebook group, YouTube Tutorials, and on Twitter.

Creating AR EXPERIENCES is easy, takes minutes, & anyone can do it

Experiences are built in Metaverse Studio in your browser at then arrange components on a “Storyboard” and linking them together. Hundreds of components can be combined to create almost anything.Experiences are instantly viewable on iPhone, iPad, Androids, or Chromebooks using the free Metaverse App.



This is a great place to start...........

Condiment Switcher on YouTube is great for a "Create your own Adventure"Experience

Create Your Own Adventure 1

Use this site for some cool adventures follow tutorials from 1 through 10 tutorials


1. To Get Started, GOTO CREATE account Username email password and login, on your computer.


2. Tutorial 1 - The Beginning of the adventure


3. Then work through the rest of the tutorials on this 1 - 10



Creating a Group in Metaverse (Scavenger Hunt)




google vision in Metaverse is the person happy or sad (easy)






For some great Metaverse experience ideas.



the MEDIUM blog for more METAVERSE videos




I am a great believer in less is more when it comes to apps. Download a few great ones and use them for every thing. Chatterpix is one I use for everything. With just one iPad I can rotate it through the class group by group, everyone can record a 10 - 30sec video and then I can easily turn them all into an iMovie.


ChatterPix is an all age App that is simple and easy to use, I have used it from kindergarten up. Students can add a picture or screenshot (Pixabay is great) overlay the mouth on their picture and record their voice to animate a story. They can add stamps to the object or background and text.


You can create informational movies, book reviews, jokes, demonstrate alliteration and other literary devices, animate a poem the list is endless, a maximum of 30sec sound bites. I like the students to write the script and do timings before they start to use the app.

Here's one I did on alliteration with a grade 4 - they loved. If you have any great videos send them
along and I will upload them to my new
YouTube Channel.


Start Here - How to use Chatterpix - WeGo Tech

Ideas for using Chatterbox in the Classroom and great video

Kindergarten Word Wall Words with Chatterpix Kids - a great video for a staff meeting.


Once you have all the Chatterpix videos you can upload them into iMovie and make them into one movie for all to watch. Great for revision and showing off in assemblies.


I love these are APPS. They give children the opportunity to REALLY explore a style of art or art movement, and develop ideas before they begin to use concrete materials.


NGA Kids Art App - The NGAkids Art Zone app contains eight interactive activities inspired by works in the collection of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, plus a sketchbook for freehand drawing and a personal exhibition space where users can save and display art created with the program.


The child-friendly interface, easy-to-use tools, and the overarching emphasis on discovery, careful looking, and artistic self-expression.



iClass Shapes                     Interesting Augmented reality APP - download the pdf and watch the magic begin.


PDF is available from the APP. Totally amazing. Watch flat nets form 3D solids before your eyes.


Check out the app on iTunes


Online iPad Sites
Here are some online educational games that can be played using the iPad.

NO APPS to download. No waiting for weeks for IT department permission to download. This is a great site for multiplication and the online iPad friendly games are great. Ask your students to try them out - describe them and rate them.

TOPMARKS are increasing there iPad friendly online options. These are listed by age and subject. I love these games and whiteboard interactives. HIT THE BUTTON is Fabulous. AND I LOVED THE INTERACTIVE EAR linked from this site.


Mr Naussbum Site has some great interactives and games K-6. Covering all KLAs. World Landmarks including videos. Free iPad games Semi Colon Wars and lots more.


Learn for Good Games There are some real mind benders here.




Play Online

This game is sooo much fun. Created by Colin Northway and Andy Moore, Fantastic Contraption is a physics puzzle game in which the objective in each level is to move all red objects into a rectangular goal area.

To make your machine, click on the type of material you want, and then click or drag in the light blue "building area" to place it.


Sometimes it’s pretty obvious what needs to be done and will only take seconds, other times though it feels extraordinarily convoluted and complex.

That’s the beauty to Fantastic Contraption though, it’s really quite cerebral in nature. You just have to persevere through the mind boggling part until it all begins to click in your head.

Take a look at the YouTube Videos




Stop Motion app FREE for iPhone and iPad.


Download it now. I played with it for a whole weekend. No instructions needed

your students will be able to figure it out for themselves. A tripod of some sort is suitable. I rigged a simple one up for my iPhone using one of one of the car hands free devices and masking tape. It worked a treat.

So simple and easy.

Check out these samples:- Simple Outer Space stop frame animation using a white-board, SPIKE AND SAM'S ANIMATION - animation using LEGO


Chicken Coop Fraction Games FREE

A really neat little app is called Coop Fractions.It has helped Year 5s to see the correlation between fractions & their decimal equivalent.


Learn to ace fractions with this suite of hilarious chicken-themed educational games.






EXPLAIN Everything

Making a Robot using Explain Everything App for iPad

Explain Everything lesson 2 - set rotation and animations

The Explain Everything APP has been around for a while and it is still fabulous. Check out the Video from Paul Hamilton on making a robot - just show the kids and they will figure it out. Very Cool!!

APP costs $15.00 Just for iPad


Mathemateer - ROCKET Maths  App

Mathemateer App - students get to build their own rocket to shoot into space.  Once they have built the initial rocket they can complete math missions to earn more money to allow them to customize their rocket even more.  Students love to complete the math missions so they can make their rocket bigger, fancier & prettier.  Watch the Video for a quick overview


One of the Coolest APPS Solar Walk

Tour the solar system with this dazzling astronomy app, which lets you fly Google Earth-style from one planet to another, learning along the way.


It has a beautiful pictures, the easy to understand interface and the abundance of information. There is a free version but it has a lot of limitations, the paid version offers much more and is way less frustrating at $8.00 - much better deal.




iMovie Lesson Plan - Introduce yourself. Basic beginner tutorial for iMovie.




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