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Every once in a while something comes along that is really exciting, a new concept, a new initiative

just like BOXFiSH.


I had the chance to be involved with BOXFiSH at its inception and I have been working with them for the last 2 months while they launched their platform.


What I love about BOXFiSH is working with Stephen and Anuo, the fabulous creators of BOXFiSH,  who are bright creative and thoughtful people.


It has been an interesting time. I have also had the opportunity to work with many of their staff as well as many Chinese students, all eagerly wanting to improve their English. I can schedule my lessons whenever I have free time and I can work from home. No traveling to work.  The pay is $20US per hour, it’s actually 2 x 25minute sessions, and there is no lesson prep. I love my time chatting with the Chinese students, it is fun and gives a real insight into Chinese culture.  It is fabulous to be part of something that has the potential to change the way Chinese students learn English in a new and innovative way.


I can schedule my lessons whenever I have free time and I can work from home. No traveling to work.  The pay is $20US per hour, it’s actually 2 x 25minute sessions, and all the lessons are prepared so the there is no lesson prep.


Some of the discussions I have are really amazing. Some students need a lot of encouragement and support, but  that's just what we  teachers do best .


You’ll need a smart phone, tablet or iPad, headphones and a stable Internet connection. The rest is easy, download the app and BOXFiSH will give you some video tutorials so you learn how the system works.


Then you are Online and live talking with Chinese students, sometimes adults, and having some amazing conversations.


I met a student who plays five instruments and discussed her favourite pieces, another was a Harry Potter fan, still another had just been to the Great Wall and was excited to talk to me about it. I would love to go there.


So click on this link, sign up and see what you think. Let me know how you go with BOXFiSH, I am sure you will find it an amazing experience, and also provide some extra cash.


And yes they do pay you, (based on my experience to date) 7 days after the end of the month directly into your PayPal account. ( So you will need to set one of these up – if you need help with this let me know – you just send BOXFiSH your primary Paypal email and they pay into your account).



Here I am on my balcony in Sliema, Malta a tiny speck just south of Sicily talking about BOXFiSH.



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